The Pros of Traveling with the Pros

Posted by Katie Morell - freelance writer for Tauck on 2/7/2014
Posted in: Tauck’s Travelogue
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Travel GuideYou may be longing for a perfect vacation, but don’t have the time to plan it or know exactly how to start. No worries. An escorted tour can be the ideal solution. A tour, complete with travel guide well versed in your destination’s culture, people and places, can save you time and stress – while immensely enriching your travel experience.

Although an experienced traveler, Alexandra Jimenez, the author of Travel Fashion Girl, a travel blog that offers packing and fashion tips, generally opts for escorted tours with travel guides. “An escorted tour takes the hassle out of figuring out what to do,” she says. "The travel guide you are paired with will highlight the best places to see and things to do.”

An escorted tour with a travel guide can be a saving grace especially when you’re on a multi-country trip – with at least twice the currency and language issues, and double the must-see sights. If you’d like to spend two weeks in Spain and France, for instance, a well-organized tour can make it all happen smoothly, eliminate stress, and provide the right balance between security, entertainment, and freedom to make discoveries on your own. 

Travel tours are ideal for a solo traveler. Accompanied by a travel guide and group, independent travelers can journey far and wide without feeling alone, unsafe, or bewildered by completely unfamiliar languages and cultures. Jimenez was skittish about going to India for the first time by herself, so she joined a group with a travel guide. "I met so many inspirational travelers,” she says. “It was fantastic." 

Travel Guide

When choosing an escorted tour, Jimenez advises making sure that the tour’s itinerary covers all of your points of interest and proceeds at a pace you’re comfortable with. Some travelers are looking for an on-the-go experience, and others crave a more relaxed trip.

Jimenez also suggests building in extra time to get to and from your escorted tour. “You never know when you’re going to have a flight delay or lose your luggage,” says Jimenez. "I was on my way to a tour in Kenya and almost missed my connecting flight. I ended up making it and thank goodness I did, because if I hadn't, I would have missed connecting with my group."

Travel Guide



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