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Posted by Cindy Clarke on 12/19/2012
Posted in: Tauck’s Travelogue
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Drinks from around the worldThe Cuba Libre takes the gold in colorful Cuba, next to its mojito and cervesa counterparts. Tea is tops in China and Egypt, and in London, Vesper Martinis, shaken not stirred, get a star billing. To help you become familiar with what’s hip to sip, and where, we’ve compiled a Tasty Ten beverage list that pleases the palate in places you may want to explore on your next trip.

Sake. More than 2,000 different brands of this rice wine are produced throughout Japan. Best place to sample and savor: a local sake brewery in historic Takayama.

Pastis. This distinctive anise flavored liqueur goes well with a traditional game of pétanque in southern France and is wisely served diluted with water.

Guaro Sour. Made from locally grown sugar cane, guaro is a clear liquid, similar to rum, and is often mixed with lime and simple syrup to welcome visitors to Costa Rica.

Sherry. Jerez de la Frontera is the place to sample sweet sherry wines that date back to the 1100, thanks to the Phoenicians, Romans, Moors and Spanish who had a hand in its history, along with the strong Southern Spain sun.

Madeira. Sharing the spotlight with the oh-so-southern mint julep drinks, Savannah’s politically correct madeira “rainwater” wines were a favorite of Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton and Ben Franklin back in the day and still get our vote today!

Beer. Hopped beer was perfected in 13th-century Germany, giving them notoriety as the one of the best beer makers. But Czech beer has been around equally as long and is celebrated at breweries like Eggenberg in Cesky Krumlov to the delight of lucky visitors.

Coffee. Lots of countries claim to make the finest coffee anywhere, but once you taste – then learn the secrets of preparing it – Turkish coffee (kahve) in an ancient town like Antalya, Turkey, you’ll find your fortune in a demitasse cup!

Port. Did Portugal take its name from its port wine or vice versa? Actually, this fortified wine is named after Oporto and is made from grapes grown in the Douro valley; Portuguese law allows only this wine to be called port.

Grappa. It’s been around in Italy since the Middle Ages. It was originally made so as to not waste any part of the grape and was especially popular for keeping people warm in winter!

Cider. Not just popular during fall harvests, cider is a fermented drink like wine that uses apples instead of grapes. A great place to taste this treat from the trees is in Victoria, British Columbia at the Sea Cider Farm, where apple juice is truly kicked up a notch!

Drinks from around the world



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